D.C., Troy, Illinois


St Louis Social Security Disability At a time in my life, when everything was upside down, I didn't want to do this by myself. I wanted someone who is there to be with you all the way. Have you ever felt someone looking right at you, but they aren't with you? This never happened with [...]

D.C., Troy, Illinois2015-01-06T17:54:51+00:00

R.L., St. Charles, Missouri


St Louis Disability Attorney Mr. Hicks helped me with my Long Term Disability claim. I was going to give up, but something wasn’t sitting right with me on how the insurance company treated me. So I looked online and found Mr. Hicks. He reviewed my file and let me know that I did have a [...]

R.L., St. Charles, Missouri2014-12-30T17:53:28+00:00

P.D., Granite City, Illinois


St Louis Disability Attorney David and Patsy were great to work with. Patsy would follow up on my phone calls and e-mails and let me know what was needed. She let me know everything was going to be okay. I needed to hear that. I felt like they cared.

P.D., Granite City, Illinois2014-12-23T17:53:10+00:00

A.F., St. Louis, MO


St Louis Social Security Disability Case Attorney Hicks did a wonderful job representing me with my Social Security Disability case. He met with me prior to the hearing and told me exactly what to expect at the hearing. I was nervous to go to the hearing, but he helped to put those fears to rest. [...]

A.F., St. Louis, MO2014-12-16T14:27:14+00:00

G.H., Alton, Illinois


St Louis Social Security Disability I sincerely recommend Mr. Hicks to represent you if you are disabled. He helped me through the whole process right from the start. What I liked is that he told me how long the whole process would likely take and how the cases work through the system. He told me [...]

G.H., Alton, Illinois2014-12-09T07:36:14+00:00
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