Are you a resident of the St Louis area in the state of Missouri looking for an ERISA disability lawyer? Are you wondering if there is a disability lawyer near me? Then David M. Hicks P.C. Law Firm is exactly what you need.

St Louis ERISA Disability Attorney

With our main practice in Social Security disability law, we can give you the exact specialized help you need. We also give help with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act or ERISA, which shall be covered more in this article.

Keep reading to learn more about ERISA and what an ERISA attorney does.

What Is ERISA and what does an ERISA disability lawyer do?

The ERISA was established in 1974 and is the federal law that deals with private employer-provided employee benefit plans. The Act doesn’t need the employer to establish a benefit plan; and supplies protection for participants, often in the form of compulsory disclosures.

Attorney’s that specifically deal in ERISA are few and far between. There is also the risk that they will side with the employer rather than the employee. However, our ERISA disability lawyers are on the side of the employee who has been wronged or denied their rightful benefits.

Our ERISA disability lawyers will review the plan and other details to create an appeal with evidence to overturn the decision to deny your benefits. We strive to give highly skilled consultation and service with our specialization in ERISA and disability law.

Why Should Hire a Disability Lawyer?

There are multiple advantages to hiring a disability lawyer once you find the right one for you. Although the initial process may discourage you, pushing through and having a professional on your side will decrease stress in the long run.

By hiring a disability lawyer from our firm you will cut past the backlogged Social Security Disability system. With millions of applications for disability benefits a year, making sure you get the help you need is imperative. Hiring one of our specialist ERISA disability lawyers will make sure you’re not waiting for the help you need.

Schedules can be very hard to keep. With the stresses of everyday life, deadlines can very easily creep up on you. Hiring one of our disability lawyers means this stress will be removed from your life, safe in the knowledge that a professional is handling it for you.

Knowing professionals are in charge of proceedings during a stressful time will make your experience much easier. Going through this time alone can leave you vulnerable, but this needn’t be the case with personal professional help. We want to make sure you’re not denied what you are rightfully owed.

ERISA Disability Lawyers in St Louis, Missouri

Having a specialized professional on your side is vital in getting you the help you deserve. This is what we offer at David M. Hicks P.C. Law Firm, to give you the ERISA disability lawyer you deserve.

So book a consultation with us today at our St Louis, Missouri office and contact us to learn more.