Businessman Working on His Laptop Social Security Disability Lawyer in St CharlesNavigating through your Social Security benefits can be a daunting task. However, with help from your Social Security disability lawyer in St Charles, it can become a much easier task. If you are receiving Social Security benefits and paying child support, then you may be looking for answers to some questions you have about the two.

Does Child Support Affect my Disability Benefits?

Paying child support could affect the disability payments you receive from Social Security. The following questions and answers may help you to understand how the process will work.

Am I Still Responsible for My Child Support Payments?

No matter what, you are still obligated to pay your child support. Your child support is mandated by the courts, even if you have become injured and are receiving disability payments.

Will My Back Child Support Payments Be Based on My New Income?

Any back child support that you owe will not be adjusted based on your lower income. Your future payments could be reduced, however the amount you owe will not change.

What If I Cannot Afford My Payments with My Lowered Income?

If your income is now considerably less than what is was in the past due to being on disability, you may be able to have your child support amount modified. You will still need to make payments, however those payments can be adjusted to fit your lower income. You will need to contact the courts and file a petition to lower the payment based on a change in income.

Will My Disability Payments Be Garnished?

Your disability payments may be garnished if you are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments. If you are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments, which are made to those who have a lower income, then these payments cannot be garnished for child support purposes.

Will My Back Pay Be Garnished?

If you are going to be receiving a lump sum of back pay and your child support in past due, then your back pay will likely be garnished. The whole amount of your back pay may not be taken however, a percentage will likely go to your past due child support payments.

I Am Receiving Allowance Benefits. Will Those Go to Pay My Owed Child Support?

Any family allowance that is given with your disability payments do not go to pay child support. The money given to children in the home as an allowance and child support are two different things. So even though your dependents may be receiving auxiliary benefits from your disability payments, you will still owe your usually child support payments. Understanding how your child support and disability payments work can be confusing.

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