Social Security Disability Lawyer in St Louis Discusses Long-Term Disability Denials

social security disability lawyer in st louis signing legal paperworkThose who can no longer work due to a disabling condition may have options. Most workers are covered by Social Security and some are covered under a long term disability (LTD) plan. A Social Security disability lawyer in St Louis can explain that there are both similarities and differences between the two.


The definition of disability, as specifically defined, must be met by a claimant who applies for benefits under either Social Security or a LTD plan. A LTD plan is not a government program. Unlike Social Security disability, long term disability (LTD) is a private insurance plan that may alternately be provided by one’s employer or fully funded by the employee.


Although denial of benefits is common under both Social Security and LTDs, a disability lawyer understands that Social Security employees tend to be impartial in determining claims. The determination of benefits payable under a LTD policy is made by the company itself, which has a vested interest in the outcome; the fewer claims an insurance company pays out on, the more profitable it is.

Other Considerations

Most LTD policies require a claimant to file a Social Security disability claim as a prerequisite or in conjunction with a LTD claim. It may be possible to find an attorney to handle both claims if the initial applications are denied.

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Denials of LTD claims are quite common but are not necessarily the end of the road. To explore your potential options, call a Social Security disability lawyer in St Louis like David M. Hicks at (314) 812-4885.