social security benefits form St Charles Social Security Disability AttorneyAmong the primary issues that will be covered in your disability hearing will be your claim that you are unable to perform any work duties that you have done in the past 15 years and that you are not able to other jobs that are available in the economy. As the burden of proof on these matters is on you, the claimant, it is wise to prepare the manner in which you will testify with an experienced St Charles Social Security disability attorney.

Past Relevant Work

The jobs in issue are generally those:

  • Performed within the last 15 years, and
  • Where you worked long enough to learn how to do the job, and
  • That were substantial gainful activity.

The focus of the judge will be on the reason why your impairment prevents you from doing the job or jobs. It is important to omit irrelevant information, such as if the company went out of business.

Other Jobs

Even if you can no longer perform past relevant work, to be found disabled, you must also be incapable of doing other work. For many claimants, the reasons relate to a lack of skill or education in consideration of their age. For others, however, it may be necessary to describe in detail what limitations would be faced in performing the specific tasks of the job in question. Does it, for example, require frequent standing, stopping, or carrying of heavy objects? Although you may be physically able to do a sedentary job, you may not have the appropriate training and thus may be considered disabled.

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