St Louis Social Security Disability Attorney couple and doctorGenerally the Social Security Administration will not compare your symptoms to the “average” person’s symptoms when deciding if you qualify for benefits. This is beneficial for claimants because it also allows your St. Louis Social Security disability attorney to present your case in a holistic and personalized way. Just as no two workers are the same, no two injuries are the same. Similar symptoms may affect different people in different ways. Fortunately the law recognizes this and takes into account variances in ability to work even when injuries are similar.

For example, one person with chronic migraines may be able to control their symptoms with medication while another person may not. There is no objective way to test each person in a purely clinical sense, and your doctor will have to make their findings based on your specific case history. The factors that will have to be analyzed include:

  • the type of injury, its severity, and prognosis
  • the tasks you are able to do despite your injury
  • other associated injuries or psychological conditions

All of these decisions are based on the professional judgment of the administrator and the doctor, as well as the skill and experience of the St Louis Social Security disability attorney presenting your case. The Social Security Administration wants to see that your symptoms are attributable to your diagnosis, and that the limitations you allege are a likely result of your diagnosis. This can be a tedious process, and you may not receive any benefits for an extended period of time. Our office will do everything we can to reach a fair benefits determination as quickly as possible.

As a St Louis Social Security disability attorney, David M. Hicks has represented many clients over the years and secured many disability benefits awards. Whether you are considering filing for benefits or have previously been denied, our office can help.

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