Doctor Discussing Medicine in His Clinic With a Patient St Louis Social Security Disability AttorneyWhen St Louis Social Security disability attorney David M. Hicks works with his clients in seeking approval for Social Security disability benefits, he often asks that they keep a medical journal in order to track their symptoms. As you are preparing to file your own application for benefits, there are several reasons why you should keep such a journal. It is also important for you to know what types of information your journal should contain.

Why Keeping a Journal is Helpful

When you go to your disability hearing, the judge will want to know about your condition, the symptoms you’ve experienced, how they affect your ability to do daily activities and how frequently your symptoms occur. As it normally will take you months before you receive a hearing, keeping a journal can both help you to remember the details as well as help your attorney in their preparation for your hearing. A journal provide information that helps you get better care from your doctor and allows them to make a more thorough report to the court.

What to Write Down in Your Journal

Your journal should be very specific and geared towards your particular symptoms. If you experience pain, you should write about its frequency, when it starts, how long it lasts, and how intense it is. You should also note what you do to handle the pain and whether its effective. For sleep problems, you should write down how often you wake up and how many times you are forced to nap during the day. Like pain, fatigue should be rated daily as well as what you do to recover from it and how long each recovery period lasts. Also track all medications you take and activities you do.

Contact a St Louis Social Security Disability Attorney

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