St Charles Social Security Disability Lawyer Explains Factors in Winning a Claim

Pen on archive of public records St Charles Social Security Disability LawyerSt Charles Social Security disability lawyer David M. Hicks understands that filing a Social Security disability claim can be a frustrating experience for the typical disabled individual. Actually, there are four primary tests that must be met in proving your claim to the Social Security Administration.

First Component

The first component of winning a ruling from SSA is establishing and documenting the disabling medical condition as the basis for the claimant’s inability to work. It is important to understand that disability is essentially inability to work in the view of the government. Acceptable disabling conditions must last for more than one continuous year, or eventually result in death. Medical documentation of any claimed condition is absolutely essential.

Second Component

The second criteria used to determine a valid disability claim is the opinion of the your medical doctors. Physician opinions can be accepted by the SSA as expert opinion, and the opinions can also be used as a primary basis for measuring the severity of a disability or illness. St Charles Social Security disability lawyer David M. Hicks always advises his client on how important it is to follow all doctor recommendations and meet all medical appointments, including requests from SSA to see a physician of the agency’s choosing for validating the condition. Physicians who know the patient is filing for disability regularly run multiple tests in an effort to support the disability claim, along with their official medical opinion.

Third Component

The third and fourth criteria are generally connected, as it allows for personal statements to the SSA from the disabled claimant, as well statements from people they know, potentially including a former employer. As a disability claim is essentially a claim to the government that the claimant can no longer maintain substantial gainful employment, former employers can often provide positive input concerning ability to perform jobs tasks. Claimants could be eligible for either Social Security Disability Insurance, known as SSDI, or Supplemental Security Income, commonly known as SSI. Both programs require the same proof standards, but SSDI benefit levels are determined by the claimant’s work history and tax records.

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