St. Louis Social Security disability attorney - FamilyHave you filed a Social Security disability claim and want to know how your symptoms are measured? A St. Louis Social Security disability attorney explains how your disability is determined.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) knows that it is not possible to measure your symptoms. However, by observing the effects, an accurate assessment of your condition can be recorded. What is listed in your medical records will lend credibility to your pain. Doctors and other health care professionals should record the following so it can be used as medical evidence in your case:

  • The onset of your symptoms;
  • Description of symptoms;
  • Timeline of symptoms;
  • Effect of symptoms on your daily activities;
  • A record of your treatment, detailing successes and failures; and
  • A record of other impairments, both physical and mental.

Your treatment history should be detailed. Every step you take, including seeing different doctors and specialists, trying different treatments and medications, and any other attempt of trying to find relief needs to be documented.

Make sure that whatever you detail is consistent with the level of complaints. Make sure that you are following doctor’s orders, including following treatments and medicinal prescriptions. If you are unable to afford treatment or medicine, make sure this is detailed as well.

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