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David M. Hicks, P.C. is small boutique law firm that specializes in helping individuals seeking St. Louis disability benefits receive the disability benefits they deserve. Our firm almost exclusively practices Social Security disability law and long-term disability law. By focusing on disability law, we can give our clients the kind of experience and expertise their cases deserve.

Our firm was formed after seeing the need for quality representation and counsel for the thousands of Americans who are disabled and in financial need. Many people believe that if they cannot work and have paid their taxes that the U.S. government will come to their side in their time of need. And all too often they become discouraged and anxious when they realize that this is frequently not the case. It may take months or years before disabled or injured individuals receive disability benefits. And some never do. In addition, too many people give up and forfeit benefits they could have received if they had good representation or at least kept fighting themselves.

Our office handles approximately 100 to 150 disability cases per year. By limiting our case intake, we can give each case its due time and preparation. If we take your case, you can rest assured that we think it is a good one and worth our time and investment. Our cases are handled by David Hicks and his assistant, Patsy Wilkinson. We seek to help people who are truly disabled, whether from physical or mental impairments, and have paid into the Social Security system and now cannot work due to their impairments. We handle disability claims at all stages from the initial application through the appeal stages.

David Hicks, Attorney at Law

David Hicks is the founder of and lead attorney at David M. Hicks, P.C. David conducts most of the firm’s disability hearings. He is a lifelong St. Louis metropolitan area resident. David received his undergraduate degree from Lindenwood University located in St. Charles, Missouri, and later received a law degree from Southern Illinois University.

David Hicks is an experienced St. Louis disability attorney and has been practicing disability law since 2002. He has represented Social Security disability clients before Social Security administrative law judges in disability hearings across the country. From the experience of handling hundreds of disability cases and hearings, David has seen first hand what it takes to win disability benefits. He believes success depends on making sure all available medical records have been produced and that the treating physicians have given written assessments of the client’s condition.

Patsy Wilkinson, Secretary and Paralegal

Patsy Wilkinson is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She keeps the David M. Hicks, P.C. office running smoothly and efficiently. Patsy becomes personally acquainted with every case and keeps clients informed of the status of their cases. She also makes sure all clients’ cases are documented properly. Many clients just call to talk with Patsy and check to see if anything new is happening. Patsy makes sure that when our clients call she can give them the latest actions taken in their cases and what needs to happen next.

Types of Cases We Handle

Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). We primarily focus on practicing Social Security disability law. We handle Social Security disability applications and appeals for St. Louis disability clients.

In addition to Social Security disability, we also handle the following types of cases:

  • Long-term disability (private insurance) cases – We represent clients who were improperly denied long-term disability benefits in both state and federal court. We handle ERISA and non-ERISA cases.
  • Federal Tort Claims Act cases
  • Federal employee disability cases
  • Railroad Retirement Board disability cases

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