How Much Does it Cost to use a St. Louis Social Security Disability Attorney?

St. Louis Social Security disability attorney - Credit Cards and CashThis is a very important question that is often asked by St. Louis Social Security disability claimants. The Social Security Administration has set the fees that a St. Louis Social Security disability attorney or representative can charge. The fees are charged on a contingent basis, which means that if you don’t receive Social Security disability benefits, your attorney or representative isn’t paid.The fee approved by Social Security Administration is 25% of past-due benefits, otherwise known as back-pay, up to a maximum amount set by the Social Security Administration, which is currently $6,000. That is, the fee is one-fourth of those benefits that build up by the time you are found disabled and benefits are paid. Here’s a simplified example of back-pay: let’s say you were found disabled today by the Social Security judge and the judge found that you first became disabled on January 1, 2008.

The Social Security Administration will owe you disability benefits for the period of time beginning on January 1, 2008. No fee comes out of current monthly benefits.Social Security attorneys and representatives may also charge you for their expenses. You want to be sure what those expenses are before you sign a fee agreement. For example, our firm charges expenses for the copying fees we have to pay doctors and hospitals for medical records. We front that money for our clients and then when the client receives disability benefits we send them a bill to reimburse us for these copying fees.We base our firm’s fee agreement off of the Social Security Administration’s model fee agreement. We are available to answer any fee questions you have.

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