A St. Louis Social Security disability attorney Explains What the Judge Will Ask at Your Administrative Law Hearing

At your administrative law hearing, the judge will ask you questions St. Louis Social Security disability attorney - Administrative Law Judgerelating to the nature of your impairment and its impact on your ability to work. Three key areas in which you will be questioned are: 1) education, 2) job skills, and 3) work history. You and your St. Louis Social Security disability attorney will need to make sure you are prepared to speak articulately about each of these topics.


Be prepared to discuss your highest level of education, any professional, vocational, or on-the-job training you have received, and whether you have ever completed any military training.

Job Skills

The judge will also question you about your job skills. If your work experience includes semi-skilled or skilled work, be prepared to discuss the nature of your training, how long the training process typically lasts, and the level of skill you achieved. While it is important that the judge understands exactly what your vocational background is, be sure not to exaggerate your abilities.

Work History

Lastly, the judge will want to know the nature of all of the jobs you have had over the past fifteen years. Specifically, the judge will be interested in the physical demands of your jobs, i.e.., how much time you spent sitting and standing, whether you had to lift heavy objects, and whether you were required to walk around. The judge will also ask you how your impairment impacted your ability to meet the physical demands of your jobs. Be sure you are ready to discuss the struggles you encountered on the job due to your disability.

Although it is important to present yourself as well as you possibly can at the hearing, try not to become preoccupied with giving perfect answers. Should you fail to fully answer any of the judge’s questions, your St. Louis Social Security disability attorney will have an opportunity to question you further in order to elicit any key testimony you left out.

If you need professional assistance preparing for an administrative hearing, please contact St. Louis Social Security disability attorney David M. Hicks.