The People at Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Social Security disability hearings are generally very informal. St. Louis disability lawyer - Scales of Justice
Typically, you and your St. Louis disability lawyer will be seated at a conference table, and in some cases, a vocational witness or doctor may also be seated there with you. The judge’s assistant will probably be in the room as well, and he or she will operate the system that will be used to record the hearing.

If you so choose, you can bring witnesses of your own to your hearing, as well as observers; however, the hearing is private. Anyone other than the judge, the judge’s staff and the witnesses to be called by the judge must have your permission to be in the room.

Social Security disability hearings are designed to be a less threatening experience for claimants than a typical courtroom hearing. The Social Security Administration knows that the more you are able to relax, the better witness you will be for yourself. Nonetheless, even though the hearing is informal, there are still a few procedures that you will be required to follow.

For example, you and all of the witnesses involved will be required to testify under oath. That said, it is crucial that you not communicate with anyone else in the room or ask for help when you are rendering your testimony. Additionally, only one person is permitted to testify at a time, so do not attempt to chime in while someone else is speaking to the judge. If you need a St. Louis disability lawyer, please complete the form to the right or contact us at:

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