St. Charles Social Security Disability Lawyer - Man on Wheelchair Looking OutDue to the massive number of cases that come before the Social Security Administration, it has implemented policies concerning critical cases. Your St. Charles Social Security disability lawyer can explain that the following cases tend to be treated as a priority and have an expedited process that can be used to help eligible applicants receive benefits more quickly.

Terminal Illness Cases

These cases are those in which the applicant has received a diagnosis of a terminal illness. The illness may be chronic heart failure, lung cancer, esophagul cancer, pancreatic cancer, Lou Gehrig’s Disease or other terminal illnesses. The family may bring up the terminal nature of the illness with the Social Security Administration to expedite hearings and the process.

Compassionate Allowance

This exemption applies to diseases or other medical conditions that are usually part of the Listing of Impairments. The staff for the Social Security Administration usually identify these cases at the beginning of the process.

Wounded Warrior Cases

If a current or former military member suffered from an injury, wound or illness while he or she was on active duty stemming from an event after September 30, 2001, his or her case is also considered critical. This exception includes cases in which the person was injured in a way that was not related to performing a military-related task.

Additionally, it is not relevant whether the applicant sustained his or her injury. This exception includes physical as well as mental illnesses or injuries that cause impairment. Additionally, even if the applicant was not considered disabled when he or she was in the service, this exception still applies if the impairment was not considered a disability until the person was no long in the service.

Dire Need Cases

You may be able to request an expedited hearing if there are special circumstances in your case that prove dire need. These circumstances may include financial, medical or personal considerations. The court may consider speeding up the process if the applicant is facing a deteriorating medical condition, homelessness, foreclosure of his or her home, lack of food, lack of medical treatment, difficulty obtaining food, housing or medical treatment or other similar and extreme cases. To be approved for an expedited hearing, the applicant must be able to show that his or her circumstances are severe.

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