During your initial consultation with a St. Louis Social Security St. Louis Social Security Disability Lawyer - Approved ClaimDisability Lawyer, you may have many questions for your attorney. For example, you may ask your  St. Louis Social Security Disability Lawyer who is the individual who approves Social Security disability cases. The answer to this question depends on the stage at which your claim is approved, as well as other factors.

Field Offices

Your St. Louis Social Security disability lawyer can explain that your local Social Security Administration field office ensures that your claim qualifies for coverage that is not based on medical information. This information includes your marital status, age and other coverage information. This office sends the application for an initial determination. The field office where you originally filed your claim notifies you of whether or not you were approved for benefits. However, if you were not approved for benefits, this office retains the documents that you filed with your claim.

Disability Determination Services

This office is responsible for reviewing medical documents that are related to your case. They evaluate this information and have the responsibility of developing the medical evidence that is necessary for a proper evaluation of your claim. In many cases, this office attempts to use information personal to the claimant, including information from their treating doctors and their medical records.

Administrative Law Judge

If you were not approved for benefits, the case is sent to the Appeals Council. If the council declines to hear the case, it is remanded to the Administrative Law Judge.

If you would like more information on this subject, contact St. Louis Social Security disability lawyer David M. Hicks.