Our St. Louis Disability Attorney Explains the Disability Hearing

St. Louis Disability AttorneyYour St. Louis disability attorney can explain that the disability hearing is your first real chance of appearing as a person in front of a person that decides your fate. The disability hearing occurs after your claim has initially been denied and after reconsideration.


Our disability lawyers in St Louis Missouri know that disability hearings often do not occur in a courtroom. Instead, they usually take place in a conference room.

Individuals Who Are Present

In addition to you and disability lawyers in St Louis Missouri, an administrative law judge is present. Although he or she is a judge, the role of the judge is to help make a decision in your case, not to put you on trial. A court reporter is also present in order to make an official record of the proceedings. Expert witnesses may also be present, as well as any witnesses whom you have asked to testify on your behalf. Medical experts are sometimes present to help provide information in unique cases, such as to testify about the effects of multiple conditions or when symptoms are extraordinary. A vocational expert may be called in order to determine if a claimant is able to perform a past relevant job, has acquired new skills that would make him or her qualified for a new job and if work is available in significant numbers in the national economy that the claimant is qualified for based on his or her RFC, age, education and skills.

Process at Hearings

Our disability lawyers in St Louis Missouri will walk their clients through what to expect during the process of the hearing. The proceeding begins by the court reporter swearing you in. Then, your lawyer or the judge will ask you questions about your background, work history, medical conditions, symptoms and daily life activities. Your lawyer can explain the importance of providing honest answers that neither exaggerate nor minimize your symptoms.

Legal Assistance from Our Disability Lawyers in St Louis

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