St. Louis Disability Attorney (2)If you are filing for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA), then you may want to schedule a consultation with an experienced St. Louis disability attorney first. A St. Louis disability attorney who is experienced in working with disability benefits and the SSA will be able to tell you what to expect when you file and how the process works. The following information from your St. Louis disability attorney discusses the List of Impairments that the SSA uses when determining if an applicant is considered to be disabled by their standards. After reviewing the information, contact your disability attorney for further questions.

List of Social Security Impairments

The SSA has a book that contains a list of all the impairments considered to be eligible to receive disability benefits. These listings include the condition and a detailed medical criteria of how severe the symptoms are. When you are applying for disability, your medical condition must meet or equal one of these listed impairments. In order to meet one of the SSA’s listings, your medical records will be compared to the criteria in the listing. Your condition must meet the duration requirement as well as the criteria for severity in order to qualify as meeting the listing. If your medical condition does not meet one of the listings, then your condition may be equal to one. In order to equal a listing, your medical condition must be as severe as one in the SSA’s listing, have symptoms that are not currently on the list, or have a combination of impairments that would be considered to be severe. If your condition does not meet or equal a listing, there may be an additional evaluation process by the SSA to determine your eligibility. If you condition does meet or equal a listing, there will be no further evaluation and you will qualify for benefits. There are up to five steps for the evaluation.

Contact a St. Louis Disability Attorney

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