St Louis Long Term Disability Lawyer gavel and stethoscopeIf you are filing for long term disability benefits, a St Louis long term disability lawyer may provide guidance throughout the application process. Disability insurance is typically one of the most important parts of any benefits package. Some companies fund only short term disability or do not offer disability benefits at all. Many employers offer long term disability through a third-party administrator. A report by Unum, a major disability insurance provider, explained that three out of 10 workers between ages 25 and 65 experience an accident that prevents them from working for three or more months. While workers’ compensation covers on-the-job injuries, 60 percent of these accidents happen off the job. If you were hurt off the job and become unable to work for a long period of time, long term disability may cover a portion of your salary. Long term disability benefits do not usually take effect until your short term disability benefits run out.

Long Term Disability Coverage

There are multiple options when it comes to paying for a long term disability plan. It was once common for companies to pay the full amount of long term disability benefits. That trend has changed, and there may be more costs and taxes for modern employees. Potential plans include a fully paid employer plan, a fully paid employee plan, a shared cost plan and coverage terms.

Coverage Terms

Employers exercise discretion when it comes to choosing how much coverage to offer employees. Most plans cover between 50 and 70 percent of your monthly salary. The duration of your plan benefits may vary as well. Some plans only pay between five and 10 years of benefits to qualified employees, while others pay until age 65. Under these guidelines, you can only qualify for coverage under certain terms.

One of the primary terms for most of these plans is that employees must work a certain amount of time before coverage takes effect, and they must usually work 30 or more hours each week. Your long term benefits package may include coverage for between 50 and 70 percent of your salary. Depending on your disability plan administrator’s terms, your coverage may be limited.

Contact a St Louis Long Term Disability Lawyer

Filing for disability benefits and understanding your plan’s limitations and guidelines can be difficult. Contact David M. Hicks today at (314) 812-4885 today for a consultation on filing a successful claim and making the most out of the disability plan offered by your employer. Disability claims are often challenging to file successfully without proper documentation and representation. A St Louis long term disability lawyer may be able to help you advocate for your rights as a disabled employee.