St. Louis Disability LawyerYour treatment history is one of the most important pieces of information in your disability claim, as a St. Louis disability lawyer can explain. This information can help substantiate your claims and boost credibility.

Treatment History

Generally speaking, a medical record over a period of time that demonstrates that you have attempted to seek medical treatment for symptoms such as pain or others and to follow the doctor’s treatment plan supports your statements regarding your symptoms. Additionally, a St. Louis disability attorney can explain that continued efforts to obtain pain relief or relief from other symptoms, such as by changing medications, increasing dosages, participating in trials of treatment options, making adjustments due to side effects, being referred to specialists and switching medical providers can help support your contentions of intense pain and other symptoms. A St. Louis disability lawyer can explain that the opposite is also true. If you did not seek very much treatment or if medical reports show that you did not follow your doctor’s treatment plan, your statements regarding intense pain or other symptoms may be less credible.

Medical Evidence

A St. Louis disability attorney can explain that the main area of support to substantiate your symptoms is in your medical records. The Social Security Administration will compare the information included in your medical reports with the information included on your other forms to Social Security Administration. Your medical records can help provide support to allegations that are difficult to objectively observe. Your medical records may show the onset of particular symptoms, the chronology of your medical condition, symptoms and treatment and information specific to your case. Additionally, your medical records can help show your continued efforts to receive treatment for your medical condition and to alleviate your symptoms, as your St. Louis disability attorney can explain.

Legal Assistance from Our St. Louis Disability Lawyer

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